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Trade Show Displays & Exhibit Booth Design

We realize that a lot of time and energy goes into designing trade show displays – not to mention cost. BACKBONE DESIGNS takes the stress out of developing a professional, creative display by designing a solution to meet your unique objectives.

Our designers work with you to understand your creative needs and we work directly with the exhibit vendor and convention contact to ensure the design is executed professionally, and all logistical requirements are met.

Our design expertise is second to none. Whether you need stock photography, custom product photography, or a multimedia presentation to support the display, BACKBONE DESIGNS can support your exhibit booth display needs.

BACKBONE DESIGNS trade show display design services image.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We consider your market and audience before designing your exhibit booth display
  • We work with any exhibit booth vendor to ensure quality output, and timely delivery
  • We work directly with convention contacts so that you don’t have to worry about logistics
  • Each exhibit booth that we design is custom made
  • Your display will set you apart from the competition at your next conference

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