Public Relations Services

Driving Awareness of Your Business Through Communications

BACKBONE DESIGNS, LLC understands that communications is more than just a creative message. It’s making sure the message is tailored to the right audience; it’s using the right voice to ensure that the corporate brand is carried throughout the communication; it’s ensuring credibility within your message; and it’s about knowing how to communicate the right amount of information.

Whether you need to increase sales with advertising, communicate new products or services through a press release, update key stakeholders on new mergers and aquisitions, or introduce a change in the corporate structure, BACKBONE DESIGNS, LLC will make sure it’s the right message.

What sets us apart:

  • Our ability to communicate your message clearly and effectively.
  • Our creativity when presenting your message, whether through the message itself, or the avenue through which it is communicated.
  • We follow-up with your media outlets, to make sure the message was received and distributed.
  • We make sure the proper stakeholders receive the communication as well.

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