Electronic Marketing Services

From Email Marketing to PPC Advertising and Web Site Advertisements

Businesses looking for additional avenues to connect with potential customers, have found electronic marketing to be a very viable option.

BACKBONE DESIGNS, LLC has helped businesses like yours develop online advertisements, purchase keywords in major search engines, create interactive CDs and web sites, and build e-mail marketing campaigns. We can even optimize your web site so that it improves search engine rankings.

What sets us apart:

  • We provide reports that outline the number of times your e-mail has been opened, and by whom; the number of viewers that clicked on any link within your piece, and who those individuals are.
  • With our reports, you’ll be able to plan for follow-up contacts.
  • Our design sets you apart.
  • We connect your e-marketing efforts to existing advertising collaterals.
  • We help you understand the competition before making decisions.

Take a Look at Some of Our Work You'll be amazed by the things we can do.